Amstrad CPC Elite Information

Elite was released for the Amstrad CPC brand of machines, in both tape and disc format, by Firebird in 1985. It was a faithful and fairly standard version of the original game.

As with the Spectrum version, memory restrictions mean there are fewer types of ships compared to the BBC disc version, although the dangerous Fer-de-Lance does survive. There are also some hidden missions for the commander to enjoy.

Click on the image to the right to view the complete Amstrad CPC Elite package

To celebrate their 100th edtion, Amstrad Action magazine featured Elite on its cover tape in January 1994. Full instructions for playing the game were included in the magazine itself, for the benefit of the few players who had not encountered the game up to that point.

The Amstrad CPC was a popular computer around the world and when Elite was released it was available in a number of languages.
The pictures below show the French disk version with the box contents broadly similar to the English version.

Another popular market for the game was Germany, where the Amstrad CPC was known as the Schneider CPC.
The pictures below show the disk version contents.

Playing Amstrad Elite on your PC

1. Download an Amstrad emulator, such as WinAPE
2. Download the game from Ian Bell's Elite Page