Frontier Elite 2

Frontier Elite II was released in 1993 as the long-awaited follow-up to Elite. This sequel was written by David Braben, who had co-authored the original Elite. In this new game, numerous new ideas were introduced

There were two galactic superpowers - the Federation and the Empire - who offered commanders military missions according to their combat experience. These missions included deliveries, espionage and bombing raids and could only be achieved by those commanders who had both the combat experience and a sufficiently well equipped ship to cope with the situation

Money could be made more quickly by trading in illegal goods on the black market but this was very risky as the threat of pirate and police activity increased. Other more legal ways of making money included mining precious metals from uninhabited planets and escorting people who advertised on bulletin boards to their chosen star system in custom built cabins on your ship

For the first time, the game was set in the real galaxy, with recognisable star names and systems including the solar system. Also for the first time, players could land on the planets as well as dock at orbital stations, and conduct their business there

Many new ships became available which the player could purchase if they had sufficient funds, giving the opportunity to specialise - in trading, piracy, missions, bounty hunting etc

Your aim? To make money, achieve Elite combat rating, gain promotion in the Federal and Imperial navies, or just have a good time exploring the galaxy

Click on the image to the right to view the complete IBM PC Frontier Elite 2 package

In early 1995 Gametek re-released Frontier Elite 2 as part of their new Advantage Point budget range. It was produced in the same big "big box" style as the original release. The contents included the manual, the game on CD-ROM, the quick start guide and a software registration card. The gazetteer, fiction book, star poster and t-shirt card all appear to have been omitted.
Closer inspection of the photograph of the original FE2 box reveals that the Konami logo seems to have been coloured out using a marker pen!

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