Frontier First Encounters

Frontier First Encounters improved and expanded many of the elements of Frontier Elite 2 with classified military missions and better graphics. It also introduced the third military power, the Alliance, who though offering no missions of their own offered the ultimate mission, to explore the Thargoid regions of space and investigate the disappearance of the previous commander who went ahead with these missions

This, together with other unique missions, introduced a degree of linearity to Frontier, whilst maintaining the freedom of movement and activity of FE2. There were also five journals, updated each month, tracking the activities of the military powers as well as reflecting the impact of some missions, in other words, getting the player in the newspapers!

The CD version of FFE also included Full Motion Video (FMV) at the starports, where various individuals addressed you on matters such as the stockmarket, the bulletin board, the shipyards and your legal status. In Federation and Imperial systems they adopt a particular stance according to whether they view you as an ally or an enemy. The acting quality is variable but on the whole they are good fun

All in all, FFE represented a considerable improvement over FE2, although some disagree. All the standard missions - such as bombings, assassinations and espionage - are still available, but the scripted ones offer a coherent story involving the Thargoids plus a number of independent but interesting side missions.

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