BUFFET: The Big Universal Frontier First Encounters Trainer

Buffet (Big Universal FFE Trainer) is a great add-on by whertz for First Encounters which enables you to change many parameters in the game. With this program, it's possible to wipe your criminal record clean, choose any ship and equip it the way you want, and improve your Elite rating.
Version 2.x works with JJFFE, GLFFE and FFED3D but not the orginal DOS version.

Now, with the release of version 2.0, even more changes to the game are possible. Identify every ship in your current system, change their status from friendly to hostile and even take those ships over yourself!
There are many more options to investigate as well, including jumping between dates in the game.

As with all cheats/hacks, there is a very real danger of ruining this wonderful game by using it too early on.
The best plan is to play FFE as it was intended until you have achieved most of the objectives ie. completed the scripted missions, reached Elite ranking, made your fortune etc, otherwise you'll lose interest in the game pretty quickly.
Full instructions for incorporating Buffet into FFE are included in the download.