BBC Elite Information (Tape)

The BBC tape (cassette) version of Elite was first released by Acornsoft in September 1984

The BBC version of Elite featured a clever piece of programming which enabled two display modes to appear simultaneously on screen.

The lower part of the screen was in the BBC's Mode 5, which allowed four colours at a resolution of 160 pixels across the screen. The upper section was in Mode 4, which provided 2 colours but twice the resolution.

This enabled the space scenes to be shown in greater detail, while the scanner section added some welcome colour to the display.

The tape version differed from the disc version as follows:-

• Reduced variety of ships - Cobra Mk III, Mamba, Python, Sidewinder, Thargoid, Viper
• Only one type of space station - Coriolis
• No secret missions
• No military lasers
• No mining lasers
• No loading delays during game

As with all other games on tape, loading the game was a laborious process, taking around 5 minutes to complete. Due to the nature of the cassette medium, no further loading took place at any stage, meaning docking and hyperspacing took place without delay. This was the reason why a number of features were missing compared to the disc version, as the latter loaded in fresh data during the game.

The arrival of Elite heralded a new concept in game presentation. Instead of just the game media and an instruction sheet, Elite came packaged with a hefty manual, a novella based on the game, a ship poster and various other items.

Click on the image to the left to view the complete BBC micro (tape) Elite package

In 1986, Superior Software re-released the BBC version of Elite, with new box atrwork as shown below

The program itself was exactly the same as the original Acornsoft version, but due to the re-designed box the printed material present in the 1984 package was largely absent. To compensate partly for this, the price of the re-released version was reduced from the original £14.95 to £12.95

Playing BBC Elite on your PC

Running BBC Elite on your PC can be done in two easy steps:
1. Download BeebEm to emulate a BBC on your PC
2. Download the game from here

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