Elite Plus Information

Elite Plus was released in Europe for the PC in 1991 by Microprose, under the Rainbird banner. In the US the game was released by Microplay Software and featured different box artwork. The game itself was the same, however, and taking advantage of the improvements in PC capabilities in the 7 years since the original Elite, the player was offered the choice of playing the game in as many as 256 colours.
The images above left are the non-US version and above right are the US version.

Elite Plus was packaged with a substantial manual, completely re-written compared to the BBC Manual. This also included the Elite fiction story "Imprint", by Andy Redman
Again, the artwork differed between the European and US versions; the contents of the manual were identical though.

Click on the images above to view the complete Elite Plus packages (non-US and US versions)

Elite Plus was re-released by Empire Interactive in 1996. The game was packaged on a single CD inside a standard CD jewel case. The manual was included on the CD as a pdf file, although it appears to consist of a poor quality scan of the original printed manual. Basic loading instructions are provided in several languages, with the main part of the manual being in English only.
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Playing Elite Plus on your PC

A complete guide to running Elite Plus on your PC can be found here at FrontierAstro