Gameboy Advance Elite Information

Elite for the Gameboy Advance is available from Quirky's GBA Remakes page. It can be played either on a real GBA using a flash cartridge, or by emulation on a variety of computers and mobile devices. The game features a considerable number of ships which are all rendered using solid-filled graphics, showing the ease with which the Gameboy Advance could run the game.

This version of the game also features special missions to distant systems, with a greater financial incentive but also greater danger. Another welcome feature is the ability to leave your Adder behind and purchase other ships as soon as the necessary money has been accrued. As with the NES version there is no keyboard, therefore an icon-based system has been employed. This makes GBA Elite remarkably easy to play.

Playing GBA Elite on your PC

1. Download a GBA Emulator, such as Visual Boy Advance
2. Download the game from Quirky's GBA Remakes

Playing GBA Elite on your Android device

Roland Dean has written an excellent article at Joy Of Android where he compares four of the best Game Boy Advance emulators currently available for the Android range of smart phones and tablets
As well as going into some depth on the strengths and weaknesses of each emulator, there are links to each program plus the apk files and roms
With a little work it should be possible to emulate GBA Elite on any recent Android device, providing another way to play the game on the move