Elite & Frontier Fiction

There is a considerable amount of fan fiction available relating to Elite and Frontier. This page is primarily concerned with the Huge Plasma Accelerator (HPA) Saga but starts with an intriguing story set in the Elite timeline
NOTE: Strong language present in most stories. Probably not suitable for younger readers!

Justice for Mrs Combs

The story of a murder investigation in 3141 by out-of-work escort pilot and amateur private eye Jack Voysey.

This story is set in the Elite Universe.
Distributed under the terms of The Creative Commons licence

Justice for Mrs Combs

The HPA Saga

The HPA (Huge Plasma Accelerator) Saga is a long-running piece of fiction set in the Frontier Elite Universe (FEU) which commenced in May 2002. The result of a lengthy collaboration between various authors, Parts 1 & 2 have been completed and Part 3 is now in progress

The complete set of stories is available to read or download here, in the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file format. Also, for the first time, all the stories are here in epub format for easy reading on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android etc.)

The HPA Saga - Part 1

(pdf files by kind permission of Dave "Selezen" Hughes)

One ridiculously large weapon. One criminal mastermind. One conspiracy involving citizens of all three superpowers. A sweeping, dramatic tale of cat and mouse on a galactic scale

Anarchy Rising

Sharks, Piranhas and Ravens

Revelations and Interludes

Dancing with Angels and Demons

Princes and Pirates

Achenar Bound


Stories set between HPA Parts 1 & 2

The eastern sky went white, then coalesced into an orange fireball. The ground shook and rumbled as if from an earthquake; roars and squeals of vertical thrusters and retracting landing gear filled the air. It was an invasion!

Maiden Voyage

A Call To Duty

The HPA Saga - Part 2: Deathwreaker

Across the galaxy, rumours are rife: is the Azure Sunset really back?
The long awaited sequel to the HPA saga.

Deathwreaker Volume 1

Deathwreaker Volume 2

Deathwreaker Volume 3

Deathwreaker Volume 4

Deathwreaker Volume 5

Deathwreaker Volume 6

Deathwreaker Volume 7

Deathwreaker Volume 8

Deathwreaker Volume 9

The HPA Saga - Part 3: Tides Of War

Reality flooded back; he wasnít going to get revenge. Not against them. Not if half the rumours he had heard in spacer bars were true. There was no hope in hell for him. They had unlimited resources, and he was just one man.
"Iím going to cut to the chase," said Frantic. "Our organisation wants to take INRA out."

Tides Of War Volume 1

Tides Of War Volume 2

Tides Of War Volume 3

Tides Of War Volume 4

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