Stories Of Life On The Frontier

Stories Of Life On The Frontier was a series of eight linked stories in a booklet entitled Stories Of Life On The Frontier. These stories, written by David Massey, Moira Sheehan and Kathy Dickinson adhered to the Elite/Frontier Universe very closely and the writing is of a high standard.
Elements introduced were the concept of a Federal piloting academy, perhaps inspired by Starfleet Academy in Star Trek, and the Cold War of suspicion and espionage between the Federation and the Empire. Also the dubious practices of the slave trading operations are revealed as well as the dangers faced by ordinary pilots on an everyday basis.

1. A New Start - David Massey

5. On The Wrong Side Of The Law - David Massey

2. When A Plan Works Well - David Massey

6. Living In Hope - Kathy Dickinson

3. All That Glisters - David Massey

7. The Outer Limits - Moira Sheehan

4. The Fiercest Creature On Altair - David Massey

8. Full Circle - David Massey

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Further Stories Of Life On The Frontier

The idea of a collection of short stories was carried over from Frontier to the 1995 release of Frontier First Encounters - appropriately called Further Stories of Life on the Frontier. A number of these stories do not appear to be set in the Elite/Frontier Universe and overall the standard of writing is lower than before. Out of the nine mini-stories, only four are worth reading. The authors in this collection of stories were Manda Scott, S.L.A.M., Julian Flood, Martyn Taylor, Moira Sheehan, Jude Jones and Kathy Braben.

Overall disappointing then, especially as unlike the fiction that came with Frontier Elite 2, the stories seem to have no connection with each other, although the better of the stories are at least consistent in the Frontier Universe and cover such situations as the continuing hostilities between the Federation and Empire, but this time with the recently formed Alliance complicating matters. There is also an intriguing story involving the Sirius Corporation and another which touches on the growing discomfort regarding the INRA actions towards the Thargoids, plus the increasing strength of sympathy towards the insect race.

1. The Acrobat In Black - Manda Scott

6. Genuine Thargoid - Moira Sheehan

2. Faust - S.L.A.M.

7. Ruined Blood - Jude Jones

3. Children Of A Greater God - Julian Flood

8. Invisible Enemy - Kathy Braben

4. A Business Proposal - Martyn Taylor

9. Lucifer Falling - Julian Flood

5. Inevitable Consequences - Moira Sheehan

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