Non-English Language Versions of FE2 & FFE

Frontier Elite 2 and Frontier First Encounters were both coded in the UK but were translated into different languages to cater for as large an audience as possible
This page offers all the variations that were available for different machines

Frontier Elite 2 - PC

French Frontier Elite 2 - PC

Frontier Elite 2 was released in the autumn of 1993 for the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC.
The PC version came on both floppy disc and CD, but the CD version had no extra features. Players could install and play the game using either English, French, German or Spanish as the in-game language

German Frontier Elite 2 - PC

Spanish Frontier Elite 2 - PC

Frontier Elite 2 - Commodore Amiga

As the Commodore Amiga was such a popular computer throughout Europe, Frontier Elite 2 appeared on that format in a number of other languages. Four of those languages are available for download below - French, German, Polish & Czech.

French Frontier Elite 2 - Amiga

German Frontier Elite 2 - Amiga

Polish Frontier Elite 2 - Amiga

Czech Frontier Elite 2 - Amiga

Frontier Elite 2 - Atari ST

French Frontier Elite 2 - Atari ST

Although not as popular as the Commodore Amiga, the Atari ST had a considerable dedicated following and FE2 was translated into French, with other versions possibly existing

Frontier First Encounters

Frontier First Encounters was released for the PC market in 1995 on both floppy disc and CD. The major difference between the two versions was the inclusion of full motion video in the spaceports and space stations. A Commodore Amiga version never saw the light of day. FFE was originally intended to run in Windows but was changed at the last minute to run in DOS - one of the main reasons there were so many bugs on release.

French Frontier First Encounters

German Frontier First Encounters

Italian Frontier First Encounters

At least four language versions other than English were released, to satisfy the demands of the European market. Both the game manual and the book of short stories were translated from English as well, however the video scenes were only available in English

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