Frontier First Encounters - US

When First Encounters was released in the UK and elsewhere in April 1995, it shipped in a somewhat drab and uninspiring box, possibly as a result of its rushed release. In the US, however, Gametek released the game with a much more interesting design, as shown above. The full colour graphics were more detailed and would have increased the product's in-store appeal.
It's also worth noting that for the US release, the game was known only as "First Encounters"; the "Frontier" element was removed, for reasons unknown.

Click on the image to the right to view another example of the artwork in the US version, which appears on the back of the game manual and stories book.

The game itself is identical to the UK and other releases, with two versions produced; one on floppy discs and the other on CD. The CD version featured full motion video, which appeared when docked at the space stations. Overall the US version feels better though, due to the improved presentation of the packaging.

Click on the image to the left to view the complete Frontier First Encounters US package

For a complete guide to downloading and running First Encounters, click here

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