Frontier Map Generators

Each of the Frontier map generators below were written by Theunis de Jong (aka Jongware) who sadly passed away in November 2020 at the age of 54.
A widely respected computer programmer for many years, we communicated some time ago regarding our shared enjoyment of the Frontier Elite games and he very kindly allowed me to host his map programs.
His web page discussing Frontier in great depth can be found here
RIP Theunis.

Lcars Frontier Map Program

Written by Theunis de Jong, this is a scrollable map program, based on the FE2 and FFE galaxies. Features include:
Fully customisable display
Locate function to find any star you choose
High/normal speed scrolling
Choice of FE2 or FFE time period

Frontier Galactic Map Generator

Also written by Theunis de Jong, this program generates a Frontier Map bitmap, tailored to your specific requirements. Features include:
Customisable output
Variable positions and number of sectors
Easy choice of centered system
Adjustable image resolution

Windows StarSys Program

The final program by Theunis enables you to open a window with the usual Frontier galaxy map in it,
which you can scroll around as you can in the game itself, without having to load it. Features include:
System name search
Automatic system info display at bottom of map
Detailed system info at the press of a button
Customisable map display

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