Name : Aymiay

Allegiance : Federation

Government : Federal Democracy

Economy : Capitalist

Coordinates : 1,4

Population : 10 Million

Cooperworld is a hot and steamy jungle planet, of the sort often depicted in the more ridiculous 'high adventure' yarns of the popular vid-media. It teems with native life and the raucous cries of the native fauna which fill the night time can be unsettling to newcomers. The grail bat imitates the sounds of a screaming human with uncanny accuracy and can be very off-putting for the unwary. It is regrettable that the native colonists seem to have developed a habit for playing practical jokes on new arrivals, so any visitors had best be prepared for some sleepless nights.

The jungle provides a fascinating and lively environment for tourists and the world has a wide range of indigenous life. This has been allowed to remain since the plant and animal life can all be assimilated by the human digestive system. This means that colonisation of the world has been relatively cheap to carry out compared to terraforming, but the humid conditions of the world have limited industrial development. Most income for the world comes from organised hunting and exploration parties.

Lomasport forms the centre for the Revised Catholic Mission and has three universities, each with a very high reputation amongst the Federation worlds. The Grahamhurst theological college has produced some of the most incisive philosophers and radical thinkers of modern times, as well as a constant stream of missionaries to the outer systems and worlds of the Empire.

Goldstein Starport maintains ship repair facilities which are universally acclaimed, and it is a major centre for used ship exchanges in this region of the explored worlds. The world is proud of its allegiance to the Federation and adheres strictly to the legal code of Old Earth. Visitors from the Empire should be aware of the restrictions on the introduction of slaves to the world. Any man or woman resident on the planet for a period of more than thirty days is automatically decreed a free person and laws of the Empire are not binding. This information is clearly stated in all new immigration documents, but has caused diplomatic incidents in the past.

Entry by David Massey

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