Name : Enaness

Allegiance : Independent

Government : Communist

Economy : Communist

Coordinates : -5,1

Population : 100 Million

The colonist of this system established a rigourous communist hierarchy on the only oxygen atmosphere planet of the system. The regime has prospered and the body politic dominate the other worlds' starports. The population of the worlds are booming and increasing in prosperity. All mining and industrial interests are state owned and largely automated. Slavery is strictly forbidden and freedom is assured to anyone arriving in the territory regardless of race. Religious ceremonies of any form are illegal and commitments made in such circumstances are regarded as void under Enaness law.

All inhabitants of the system have a birthright guaranteed by the state, which is a single journey ticket to either Earth or Capitol, no other property is acknowledged. Political indoctrination begins early on in childhood, but anyone declaring a desire to leave is free to do so. There is no return permitted, however. Immigration to the worlds is strictly controlled and all goods are turned over to the state on arrival. Traders and visitors sometimes find the attitude of the inhabitants to material goods disconcerting.

The academy of Rymhananman is justly famous for its theoretical physics and chemistry departments. It also boasts the foundation established by Wyksyrodra Baranha to explore and exploit Enaness 4. Wyksyrndra is famous for his conjecture that the fourth planet of Enaness was the homeworld of a civilised alien race, who later terraformed Charles Colony when they rendered their own world uninhabitable by excessive pollution. The evidence for this theory is hotly disputed by many eminent archeologists, but they are at a loss to explain the peculiar mineral deposits of Enaness 4 and the absence of ancient fossils on Enaness 5. The abrupt appearance of life 'sprung full grown in all its glory' suggests, to Baranha, tentative evidence of the works of an ancient spacefaring civilisation.

If this theory is correct, there is no doubt that the alien species, and all tangible artifacts have disappeared during the intervening millennia. Part of the work of the foundation is to analyse the native species of other alien worlds and see if there are any anomalous similarities across worlds. The task is monumental and no conclusive results are expected for at least a century. The foundation is supported by voluntary contributions from a number of trusts and charities. For information about donations, consult your local library database.

Entry by David Massey

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