Epsilon Eridani

Name : Epsilon Eridani

Allegiance : Independent

Government : Corporate State

Economy : Corporate

Coordinates : 1,0

Population : 100 Million

This system has nine planets, three of which are home to humans. The most notable, is the inner planet New California, terraformed by the Cisco Corporation in 2958. This large conglomerate made a fortune with a patented terraforming method and now they have interests in innumerable fields. It is a beautiful world with stunning panoramas everywhere; flowers, exotic trees, rivers and mountains have been carefully placed to be aesthetic. In fact it is so consistently picturesque that some people become distressed. When they are used to worlds with pockets of scenic beauty scattered amongst jungles of the urban type, it all gets a bit too much on New California where there isn't so much as a discarded vidicube wrapper in the verdant garden.

Most come here for the Cisco Theme Park which was set up with no expense spared, and costs a fortune to visit. It is well worth it though, because you can live in a world of almost any fantasy you wish, even murder (slaves are very useful). If you want a break from the lushness outside, you can elect to stay for a day at the Ancient London Earth World of 1995. Every effort has been made to make it as authentic as possible, it even has the stench of pollution.

Every fantasy theme has its own complex which is self contained, with actors to help tourists play a part in adventures and feel that it is real. You can pay a little extra and have a personal android servant that looks exactly like the personality of your choice, for when you are relaxing in the hotel section. The most frequently attended is the Erotic Pleasures of the Galaxy Centre which is not for the prudish or the faint hearted. Amongst the customers there are always a number of private detectives doing 'research' for angry clients who think their partner is up to no good having found receipts from Cisco Theme Park.

There are more wholesome themes on offer and it is not worth describing more because one man's fantasy may be the every day drudgery of another. Remember there are always psychiatrists on hand to help you prepare for reality when you have to return home.

Entry by Kathy Dickinson

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