Eta Cassiopeia

Name : Eta Cassiopeia

Allegiance : Federation

Government : Federal Democracy

Economy : Capitalist

Coordinates : 0,2

Population : 10 Billion

A very unusual system, which went unexplored for a long time after a small error in the Comprehensive Star Survey of 2153 logged the system as a binary with no planets. It is the only system known (so far!) with habitable worlds in the Trojan points of a large planetary body, with all three bodies moving in exactly the same orbital path, separated by 60 degrees. Both these worlds (Trojan and Feynman) have indigenous life and examination of their biological structure shows them to be based on the same DNA-like genetic mechanism as each other. Current theories suggest that particles spread along the orbital path following an asteroidal impact with Trojan, on which life was just emerging, and reached the atmosphere of Feynman relatively intact. Though there is evidence for a major glancing impact on Trojan in its early history (thought by some to have helped form its moon), this is highly contested by some scientists.

The Federal Navy terraformed the only moon of the gas giant Between in the 2970s to give an ideal training ground for planetary assault troops, and now that the Naval Academy has been moved here, it is the foremost naval training centre. There are no surface settlements for civilian visitors, they must disembark at the orbital station "Morgue's Mortuary". The station was named (at first it was only a nickname) after a tyrannical naval training sergeant Maximillian Morgue. He was found guilty of abusing his position and was executed, following a mutiny after twenty of his recruits died in a single horrific incident.

Both Trojan and Feynman are largely agricultural worlds. Trojan is the more heavily populated, and was the first to be settled. It is also where most of the light service industries which supply the Navy are based. The Navy import most of their heavy equipment from other nearby systems ( especially from Camp Powell in AC+79°3888) since the joint government here highly discourage the polluting heavy industry this would require. Feynman (named after an ancient physicist) is almost entirely agricultural, and is joked about within the navy as being the most boring place for shore leave. The well known saying "getting leave on Hicksville" was started here.

Entry by David Braben

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