Name : Exbeur

Allegiance : Federation

Government : Federal Colonial Rule

Economy : Capitalist

Coordinates : -3,4

Population : 1 Billion

The planet Sheehanworld was initially overlooked in the exploitation of this region of space, the Federation gained a very firm grip on the planets and nearby star systems and relied on mainly automatic mining ships to develop the region. Because of this human population of the stars was relatively slow. There were further set-backs for the first colonists on the planet, with the first two settlements being wiped out by mysterious plagues.

The natural life on this cold planet were naturally hardy and many intrepid explorers fell victim to local parasites which managed to find comfortable hosts amongst the humans. The planet is not an ice world, although it has large glaciated regions. There are fertile areas close to the equator and most humans choose to live there. The life on Sheehanworld is no longer harsh, Federation cultivators and harvesting machines have cleared large tracts of all native species and Earth basic stock has been imported to take over the cleared land.

The most successful animals imported to the planet have come from the antipodes of Earth, with kangaroos, duck-billed platypuses and wombats providing a peculiar set of creatures to exploit a foreign ecology. The success of the duck-billed platypus is especially remarkable considering its own precarious existence on Earth itself, where the animal is mainly confined to zoos and breeding laboratories. An ironic turn-about is provided by the rabbit, which wreaked such havoc when it was introduced to Australia on Earth; it completely failed to find a foothold on Sheehanworld. In fact, the Sheehanworld parasite which killed most of the rabbits introduced is now used on Earth to control the population back in Australia.

The planets of Exbeur are not known for the commercial crops grown there, but rather as the centre of operations for the Federation mining concerns which operate in the volume of space nearby. Exbeur is home for one of the Federations largest mining fleets, and repair facilities for automated mining equipment can be found here, for Federation owned machines. Some Corporation vessels have service contracts here, but these are rarely leased to individual traders.

The miners of the Federation are renowned as rough and ready types, and strangers wandering into any of the planetary bars or saloons may be surprised at the frequency of fist- fights. The experiences of a real life Exbeur miner, Douglas Mounthilbert form the basis of one of the most popular vid-series Times of Splendour back at the Federation heart. Although the series has glamorised the events considerably, historians such as Aldwaith Rumbart are quick to disclaim the series as popular trash, but have to agree that in many matters of detail it accurately portrays the early development of the Exbeur system and establishment of Camp Biggs and Nakamichi Depot.

There is a museum in Nakamichi Depot to the memory of Mounthilbert, containing some of the most remarkable footage ever captured on vid. A restored version of the vid can be enjoyed by anyone visiting. It records how Douglas managed to defend one of the local farmers from attack by a leopard hawk, one of the local predators. The hawks were a bane of the early colonists, once the plagues were overcome, and Mounthilbert's battle is the only recorded incident where a man bested one of the creatures with his bare hands. As well as being the storyline for many plays and an episode of Times... the event captured the imagination of Jjagged Bbanner who dedicated their recording Death and Dishonour to the memory of Douglas. (The Mounthilbert estate found the title offensive and tried to sue the band, but were unsuccessful)

Entry by David Massey

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