Name : Facece

Allegiance : Empire

Government : Imperial Rule

Economy : Capitalist

Coordinates : 0,-4

Population : 10 Billion

Known as the second capital of the Empire, this system is the home of one of the major Empire fleets. The commercial and industrial heart of the system is the oxygen atmosphere planet of Topaz, famed for its spectacular rift valleys and tremendous waterfalls. Mineral exploitation development of Topaz is confined to deep mines and the planet supports a thriving tourist industry in addition to the vital administrative support it provides the Empire. Many of the Empire's most prominent politicians and officers have their second homes on the lake shores of Topaz.

The eighth planet, Peter's Wreck has been taken over by the military, and training bases have been established there, for this reason the planet is interdicted and no casual visitors are allowed. It corresponds closely to the military worlds of the Federation such as Navy Central on Eta Cassiopeia. The military industrial complexes of the Facece system are self supporting, with military fuel synthesis using the abundant power in the system. If your credit is sufficient, there are no better facilities in the Empire than those available here for equipping a vessel.

The proximity of so much Empire force means that the traveller in this area has little to fear from pirate raiders, though adherence to Empire law is of prime importance. For a visitor from the Federation, Topaz seems like a condensation of all things Empire, and in many ways the regime is enforced more strictly than on Capitol. Tourists must be absolutely sure that all papers are in order and always keep their identity disks to hand.

The planet of Topaz has been colonised for almost as long as Capitol, and bears the marks of some of the early excesses of the Empire, particularly with regard to the race laws and early eugenics programs. The native life forms have been rigorously suppressed and Earth forms have taken control completely. The Quagga was introduced early on in the colonisation program and vast herds now roam parts of the planet. Topaz is almost unique of the known planets since an attempt to introduce rabbits to exterminate native herbivores failed completely early in the colony's history.

Entry by David Massey

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