Name : Laedla

Allegiance : Empire

Government : Imperial Colonial Rule

Economy : Capitalist

Coordinates : -4,1

Population : 1 Billion

Mansfield Colony began as a Federation re-supply depot for deep space exploration. The initial colony was provided with workshops and hyperdrive repair facilities and automated Federation mining equipment was brought to provide the necessary raw materials. The local ecology of the main continent suffered terribly due to the unenlightened attitudes of the commanders of the Federation navy at the time. In retrospect, the damage that was done to the planetary environment seems terrible, but at the time the single idea uppermost in the minds responsible for space exploration was 'expand'.

At the time Laedla was explored and developed, there was serious concern amongst humanity in general that there was a belligerent extra-terrestrial race waging war on new planets. Many ships were disappearing near Zelada, Ququve and Aymiay and the Federation was keen to expand in a different region in case the fears of non-human encounters were verified.

To this day, the loss of thirteen exploration vessels within a single sector in three months remains unexplained, but similar bursts of losses have occurred on different occasions, at the edges of expanding human space. The threat of alien invasion or warfare has diminished however, since no active encounter has ever been recorded and no trace of non-human civilisation has been reliably confirmed on any planet.

Mansfield colony was put together in a frenzy of panic, when the Federation anticipated a war which never emerged. The colony was equipped with a mass of sophisticated robotic equipment and machine shops, but few colonists. The second stage of colonisation set out to reverse this trend, immigration by thousands of peasant farmers from worlds bordering the Empire. As the population changed from military dominated mining and refurbishing to a more agricultural base, the Federation navy presence was reduced.

The Empire invaded Mansfield colony in force on Lightning Thursday, and the Federation forces were overwhelmed within two hours. It was the greatest set-back the Ghurka regiment of the Federation has ever suffered and it confirmed the Empire's Clone troopers as their elite forces. The empire ensured that the Federation could not reclaim the world by establishing strong fortifications at Maxwell City and Suzuki Town and two naval bases off planet.

Once the Empire had taken control of the population, they lost no time in re- establishing an industrial economic base for the planet. The world and the outer planets are all donated by Empire mining concerns, and Mansfield colony is a net importer of food in some years. (This is due to Empire reliance on single strain crops which can be very vulnerable to epidemics, when the entire world crop of a particular type may be destroyed.)

Entry by David Massey

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