Name : Liaququ

Allegiance : Independent

Government : Independent Democracy

Economy : Capitalist

Coordinates : 2,-2

Population : 10 Million

The water world of New California is famous for the wide range of medicines which the abundant ocean life provide. The World is devoid of advanced life forms, with no natural vertebrate forms. Evolution appears to have pursued a similar route as on Earth, with plants and simple life developing in the oceans, but the most advanced species are equivalent to the terrestrial echinoderms. Despite the unsophisticated anatomy of the animals, the ocean teems with life and it yields an abundant harvest for the farming communities which now inhabit the world.

The life forms of New California may lack sophistication, but a huge variety of developments have occurred in the benign environment of the hot ocean. On Earth, some of the most potent poisons known to mankind are found in the jellyfish, and this is true of Liaququ's planet as well. Early settlers fell easy prey to the local creammis floaters and flying drevis froms with their potent nerve toxins. Even nowadays, the fish farmers have to beware of the swarming migration patterns of whip slimes.

The deadly venom of many of the species of New California have spawned a thriving pharmaceutical trade. The factory and laboratory ships of major interstellar drug companies keep track of the ocean currents and harvest a rich variety of natural drugs and medications. They also serve to notify the resident fisheries of unexpected concentrations of dangerous fauna.

Many varieties of aquatic life from Earth and other worlds have been introduced to the oceans of New California. Local environmental lobbies have made no progress at limiting the import of foreign life forms. In many cases the introductions have been unsuccessful and several ambitious commercial farming ventures have come to nothing. The dolphins and killer whales of Earth, and the barabous and inqoqo of Cemiess have done particularly well, but are not commercially exploited due to their recognised intelligence levels. The most successful commercial fish crop is the stinger of Facece which is the local staple food and a valuable export.

The largest predator on New California is a species of eleven limbed starfish known as Godzilla, a historical reference of uncertain origin. The naturalist and environmental lobbyist M'harma Dennet has captured on film the remarkable fight between a godzilla and a sperm whale following the battle in an aircraft and finally diving into the ocean to catch the final moments as the godzilla dispatched the giant mammal. The film has won several awards, including the prestigious DIGMA bronze star.

Entry by David Massey

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