Name : Phekda

Allegiance : Independent

Government : None (Anarchy)

Economy : Unstable - survival of the best armed

Coordinates : 2,5

Population : 10 Million

The Phekda system was opened up by three major corporations simultaneously. Kamawachi, Bell-Traket and Inter-Market. A brief spell of mutual cooperation soon degenerated into fierce corporate warring, resulting in the destruction of most of the original bases. Several small pressure groups converged on the planet of New California and set up independent operations, using military hardware from a nearby war to enforce their independence. In the uncontrolled warring, much of the indigenous life was destroyed by bacterial warfare and radioactive fall-out. Many parts of the world are still contaminated. The entire system now operates as an anarchic state and visitors must be prepared to deal with each individual entirely on their own merits.

It is a dangerous system to visit, especially on a casual basis, since there is no law enforcement in the system. Every once in a while the Federation attempts to impose order, but the fiercely independent colonists resort to guerilla tactics to maintain their 'freedom' . Any traveller visiting the system during such a sortie can expect to be treated in a very undignified fashion and may even have to stand trial as a spy. The system is also a haven for escaped convicts and bounty hunters.

All in all a highly uncivilised region and well worth missing by any law abiding citizen.

Entry by David Massey

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