Name : Quince

Allegiance : Empire

Government : Imperial Rule

Economy : Capitalist

Coordinates : -1,-5

Population : 10 Million

The second planet of this system, New America was claimed early in the life of the Empire and has stayed loyal from the very beginning. The population are fiercely bound to the Empire and many of the most fanatical of the Empire's regiments have a core of Quincet soldiers. The Empire's tolerance of genetic manipulation has found a ready hold in the people of Quince and here more than anywhere else in the worlds the principles of directed development have been pursued.

The most deadly insult which can be delivered to a native Quincet is to stare too long or too hard. This can be difficult for someone brought up in the sheltered worlds of the Federation. It is quite possible to meet engineered humans with very heavily adapted physiques to enable them to operate effectively under the seas, or high in the mountains of New America and even the occasional attempt at growing extra limbs can be glimpsed now and then. Since duelling is permitted in Empire law, and choice of approach is left to natives, visitors should be careful when wandering the streets of any of the major starports not to gawp too openly.

The principles of directed development mean that most births on the planet are planned, indeed designed, but the inhabitants are also masters of genetic grafting and implant surgery, so a person's form is very flexible. If you make friends with a native during one visit, you may be surprised at their appearance when you next meet them. The enhancement possible by the best of Empire technology is frowned on by Federation law, but is available at a price to anyone who wants it, in the laboratories of Simpson Town.

Entry by David Massey

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