Name : Ququve

Allegiance : Federation

Government : Federal Democracy

Economy : Capitalist

Coordinates : 1,4

Population : 10 Million

This thinly populated Federation world is home to the great Funkenstromer Works, a giant industrial chemical conglomerate which furnishes the fittings and equipment for 30% of all Federation ships. The conglomerate favours undeveloped worlds for its industrial bases, since there is less danger of law suits from ecological activists. The Federation law enables the company to establish single owner sites and prevent access by casual investigators. Funkenstromer also build very efficient security systems and all their plants are very well guarded.

New America was named with a good deal of sarcasm by the first colonists. They found a grim forbidding world and the original choice of name was 'Inferno', but too few visitors caught the reference to Dante's outermost hell and the name was changed by common vote. Life on New America was confined to the seas before the arrival of mankind, and the giant ice floes and continental shelf were effectively sterile. The world was therefore ripe for plundering by the conglomerates which started work with a huge investment in robot task forces.

The charter of planetary development drawn up by Federation beaurocrats for New America set firm limits on the emission of effluents and toxic wastes. These are restricted and controlled so that the seas do not become polluted by industrial effluent. The emission of greenhouse gases is strictly controlled and minimum levels of emission for each type of industry were established and agreed with the conglomerate. Any site not meeting the emission requirement must supplement its own waste gasses with additional quantities generated deliberately to bring the levels above the minimum.

Company meteorologists are monitoring the condition of the world carefully and new guide-lines for gas levels will be presented as soon as the target heating of the planet has been achieved. It is hoped that the warming of the world can be conducted in a controlled fashion so that the native life is disturbed only marginally, but the surface of the planet will be made far more accessible. So far the development is proceeding pretty much to plan, according to the spokeswoman for the conglomerate. The sudden bloom of weltsers leaf in two of the planetary seas and the consequent extermination of the bottom grazing wirromin skate are put down to freak environmental accidents.

Until the surface of New America warms considerably, or the industrial development exceeds reasonable limits, New America supplements its industrial output by operating as a winter sports centre. The facilities available at Scott, the major starport, are second to none in the Federation. There is a thriving market amongst the wealthy visitors for all manner of luxury goods and provisions.

Entry by David Massey

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