Name : Sirius

Allegiance : Independent

Government : Corporate State

Economy : Corporate

Coordinates : 1,0

Population : 1 Million

Most visitors to the Sirius system are disappointed at how little there is to see, given its importance in human history. It has numerous firsts to its name, in addition to being the brightest star in the sky of ancient Earthbound humans. Doubtless the guides in the Sirius Museum Complex on Lucifer will tell you, this was the first entirely corporate system, and the location of the first commercial production of anti-matter based fuels.

Most historians now tell a different story, however, about how Sirius became rich during the First Interstellar War. The Sirius Corporation was set up by a group of rich industrialists from Earth, in order to exploit the discovery of a way to store a stable atom of anti-matter within a complex molecule and use it as a fuel. Sirius first started production in 2350, supplying the Federation war fleet, whose ships had been adapted to use the new fuel. This caused a major swing in the Federation's fortunes, but only a few years later Imperial ships were similarly equipped, cancelling the advantage. It is now known that Sirius supplied both sides, engineering convenient shortages whenever one side was winning, thus greatly prolonging the war (and increasing their own income). Though it is not denied by Sirius today, it is blamed on a few unscrupulous individuals, who are now long dead. This Gazetteer does not wish to suggest in any way that the Sirius Corporation today would do any such thing.

Lucifer itself is an interesting planet. It orbits Sirius B very closely indeed, hence the enormous power the corporation can extract using the coils wrapped around the planet, and from their solar collector panels. Visitors should beware of the high radiation levels mainly from Sirius B, but also from the fuel plant. The numerous volcanoes are quite a sight, and small craft can be hired to go on a slingshot path close to the fearsomely dense white dwarf. This is supposed to be the "ride of a lifetime," though be warned - there have been many fatal accidents.

Entry by David Braben

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