Name : Sol

Allegiance : Federation

Government : Federal Democracy

Economy : Capitalist

Coordinates : 0,0

Population : 10 Billion

• Earth
Steeped in history , the Earth has suffered many adversities before becoming the resort that it is today. Humanity began here and documented accounts tell of three planet-bound wars, the last one in 2040 almost bringing extinction due to the loss of life and environmental damage. For these reasons the landscape has changed beyond all recognition since then, mainly due to devastation and depopulation of nearly all the cities and towns. The final insult was a viral pandemic, for which no cure was found and many perished who were not resistant to it.

As the world was rebuilt corporations became more influential and the balance of power went in their favour. After the war, fierce competition between them made it possible for space to be conquered whereas previously, that was seen as unimportant and exploration budgets were cut.

As extra-terrestrial settlements were established industry was moved off the Earth along with many people. An intensive environmental rescue program saved the planet and it again became the beautiful place it once was. It became both a very up-market tourist destination and the Federation capital with only the extremely rich being able to live there. Many native extra-terrestrials aspire to visit their roots and save up for many years just to be able to say they have been to their ancestors' birthplace.

• Mars
In 2290 Mars became the first planet to be terraformed successfully but not before several aborted attempts. Major corporations based their administration centres here when land was very cheap in the early days and Mars seemed like the Garden of Eden compared to the ravaged Earth. The two major cities are Quenisset and Olympus Village, both are very cosmopolitan and manicured in appearance. There are many bijou bars and restaurants designed for businessmen to impress and to strike deals in privacy. All sorts of service and entertainment industries thrive as they pander to the needs of the over indulged. The environment is tailored to be tasteful, even the animal life looks like an attractive accessory , so whilst it is Earth-like, Mars has a very sterile feel about it.

• The Moon
Heavy industry was moved here in the early days and it is based around the only starport, Apollonius City. This is another must for the tourist being the first city to be built on an airless surface. The majority of the settlement is subterranean and the vast halls like chasms are quite breathtaking. Many beat a path to the famous Museum of Humanity which has many rare exhibits from early space exploration, you will wonder how we managed to get where we are today!

• Space stations Columbus and Titan City
Columbus orbits Io around Jupiter and Titan City orbits Titan around Saturn. Both are of historical interest only in that they used to be fabulous holiday resorts when they were the most distant settlements. Unfortunately with easier travel they changed from very pleasant venues to the vacation destinations of the masses. The quiet atmosphere has been shattered by loud music intended to convince you that a good time is being had by all. It blares forth from gift boutiques selling such items as a bottle of Genuine Red Spot Gas and Saturn Ring Rock jewellery.

Entry by Kathy Dickinson

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