Wolf 630

Name : Wolf 630

Allegiance : Federation

Government : Federal Democracy

Economy : Capitalist

Coordinates : -2,-1

Population : 100 Million

This is an amazing system, in fact a combination of co-orbital systems, including Wolf 629 and the white dwarf VB8 (named after Van Beisbrock in ancient times). The sky provides a stunning spectacle as six different bodies are visible together. The scene from Landfall has been made famous by the painting, Six Sisters by Dee Kosmala.

Landfall, the only planet is home to the Second Founding Fathers, a rich group of individuals who wanted to set up an ideal world. They named their capital Mayflower City and set up an agricultural community which has grown to enable a major export industry to flourish. The inhabitants are an insular lot because they do not have any other planets in their system, and view foreigners with suspicion so a reduced gene pool has resulted in much inbreeding.

Landfall orbits a brown dwarf named McCarthy, a spectacular sight. It was named after an ancient astronomer who was not taken seriously when he discovered it. The inhabitants of Landfall like to think it was the first brown dwarf known to Man but those of other systems dispute this.

The indigenous life had to be very hardy as it had to withstand the high levels of radiation from the white dwarf as it cooled and from McCarthy. Thus the very irresponsibly introduced life from Earth did not cause too much of an ecological problem because most of it died out.

Entry by Kathy Dickinson

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