Name : Zelada

Allegiance : Independent

Government : None (Anarchy)

Economy : Unstable - survival of the best armed

Coordinates : 1,4

Population : 100,000

The Zelada system was colonised at roughly the same time as Ququve, but by a fundamentalist religious sect, looking for a world to conduct a penance for humanity. The conditions they found on New Africa suited their requirements to a remarkable degree. The life was tough, uncompromising and harsh. The arrivals on New Africa had to cope with a bitter climate, coupling torrential sleet and electrical storms with hurricane strength winds and fast moving glaciers. The first three settlements were overrun by these natural forces and all of the initial equipment they brought from Quphieth was lost within the first decade.

Modern archeological and paleontological surveys of the planet reveal that at one time the temperature of New Africa was much more benign than at present. The world is going through a very prolonged ice age, but before the current cold cycle there was the opportunity for life to colonise the land. The animals which are native to the land of new Africa are fierce hunters and can survive in the harsh climate which will freeze a man to the bone in seconds. The early colonists had to re-learn primitive hunting skills and abilities in order to survive and their descent into primitivism was swift.

The strict conditions the early settlers had placed concerning interference with the colony from outside meant that no contact was established with the groups for three generations. The early religious settlers had emphatically stated that no outside communications would be accepted and supplies would be destroyed. It was entirely by accident that the Birchwood New Spirit of the Lord Woodwind Ensemble, en-route for Aymiay for a concert performance, was precipitated out of hyper space near the Zelada system. The crew of the ship were able to reach orbit around New Africa and put down an emergency shuttle. The tiny settlement thus formed was later to grow into Rush Depot, the planet's largest starport.

While the musicians tried to eke out an existence at Rush Depot, the ship crew searched for the original colonists. No evidence of the original camps was found, but the primitive society of the final remnants of the religious order was encountered, living a nomadic life hunting the local omnivores and harvesting wild grasses and roots. Instead of making contact, the ship captain decided to leave the remnants of humanity in peace and instead sent an emergency rescue message to the Federation, describing the plight of both groups.

New Africa was recolonised by an assorted group of wanderers, to no set plan. The initial colony had failed and a sort of planetary squatter's rights became the norm in establishing rules on New Africa. This trend continues today, and the planet suffers under an anarchy with no clear constitution nor allegiance. Zelada system has become synonymous with banditry and hi-jacking, but the mineral rich outer worlds still attract a lot of miners and hopefuls. Traders visit the system despite the high incidence of piracy, and freelance bounty hunters find the bulletin boards of Zelada a useful hunting ground for information.

Entry by David Massey

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