Military Medals

Frontier awards you medals for achieving certain goals in the two superpowers military services. Both the Federation and the Empire award medals at the same points although they give them different names. This is a list of the medals on offer and how to get them


First Important Delivery

Certificate of Valour

Crimson Brassard

First Secret Delivery


Black Polygon

First Assassination

Purple Omega

Golden Spike

First Photo Mission

Vermillion Crest

Platinum Cross

First Excellent Photo

Blue Excelsior

Legion of Honour

First Bombing Mission

Frontier Medal

Celestial Warrior

It is worth noting that excellent photo missions require you to photograph the target from less than 10km away. However, if you do this before you have been awarded the medal for your first ordinary photo mission (Vermillion Crest/Platinum Cross) then you will not be able to go back and get those medals later

In other words, do an ordinary photo mission first then take on another and get an excellent rating to collect the full set of medals

Also, due to interference on your status display from nearby high-UV emission stars, you may not be able to see all the medals and permits you have acquired listed (otherwise known as a bug)


In the Frontier galaxy there are three systems which require that you possess a permit before you can legally enter that system. Failure to do so can result in a "Permit Violation" offence against your name

System NameCoordinatesPermit Required

Ross 128


Ross 128 Prison Permit

van Maanens Star


Guardian's Permit

YZ Canis Minoris


Commune Visitor's Permit

These permits can only be obtained by answering a bulletin board advertisement in a nearby system. This ad will request transportation of either people or packages to the desired system, and you will be able to obtain the permit in the same way you request more money etc. Once obtained, you keep the permit for good

The "Supreme Knight of the Shining Arc" medal was only awarded after the Commander successfully completed a mission to destroy the Thargoid homeworld; a mission which was never implemented in the game and is therefore unobtainable through normal play