Name : Arcturus
Designation : Alpha Boötis
Constellation : Boötes
Apparent Magnitude : -0.1

Absolute Magnitude : -0.2
Distance : 37 light years
Luminosity x Sun : 115
Frontier Coordinates : -2,0

Arcturus is a bright orange star easily visible from most latitudes on Earth. It can be found by following the arc of Ursa Major's tail. In fact the name Arcturus itself is derived from the Greek phrase for "Bear's Tail". Arcturus is classified as a giant star and is approaching our own solar system at around 5km per second. No need to worry though, it will soon start to recede and in a few hundred thousand years will not even be visible to the naked eye.

In Frontier, Arcturus is well know for the planet Discovery, where seasons last for around seven Earth years. This gives rise to large re-settlement patterns which follow the summer seasons around the planet, and cause those who don't migrate to grow up with distinct personalities according to which season they spent their formative years in.

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