Name : Canopus
Designation : Alpha Carinae
Constellation : Carina
Apparent Magnitude : -0.7

Absolute Magnitude : -3.1
Distance : 313 light years
Luminosity x Sun : 2000
Frontier Coordinates : 6,-6

The name Canopus is derived from Greek mythology. The constellation of Carina once belonged to a much larger group of stars called Argo Navis, or the ship Argo. This is claimed to be the ship which carried Greek troops home from the Trojan War and Canopus was the name of the ship's pilot. The star itself has been the subject of much uncertainty regarding its distance - some estimates putting it as far as 1200 ly. It is a F0 type star with a surface temperature of around 7500°C and remains one of the principal stars for spacecraft navigation.

In Frontier, Canopus is an unimportant anarchy system with fewer than 1000 inhabitants.

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