Name : Capella
Designation : Alpha Aurigae
Constellation : Auriga
Apparent Magnitude : 0.1

Absolute Magnitude : 0.3
Distance : 42 light years
Luminosity x Sun : 80
Frontier Coordinates : 4,4

Capella has recently been found to be a binary star, with two quite similar stars orbiting each other at a distance less than that between Earth and the Sun. Capella is known as the She-Goat and is accompanied by her "Kids", the three stars that form a triangle close by. Of those, Epsilon Aurigae gives an illustration of how hugely distances vary in the galaxy. Epsilon is around 4500 light years away and still presents a magnitude of 3.0 - if it were as close as Capella it would cast shadows on the surface of the Earth!

In Frontier, Capella is correctly portrayed as a binary system, albeit a fairly lawless one with a low population.

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