Name : Procyon
Designation : Alpha Canis Minoris
Constellation : Canis Minor
Apparent Magnitude : 0.4

Absolute Magnitude : 2.6
Distance : 11 light years
Luminosity x Sun : 7
Frontier Coordinates : 1,0

Procyon is derived from the Greek phrase for "Before the dog". This is due to the fact that it rises in the night sky before Procyon, the Dog star. According to legend, the hunter Orion was accompanied by his two hunting dogs. One is marked by the Canis Major constellation, which includes Procyon, the other by Procyon and its companions which make up Canis Minor. Procyon itself is a binary star, orbited by a 13th magnitude white dwarf.

In Frontier, the Procyon system consists of a Type F white star and a white dwarf star. There is nothing else present.

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