Proxima Centauri

Name : Proxima Centauri
Designation : Proxima Centauri
Constellation : Centaurus
Apparent Magnitude : 10.7

Absolute Magnitude : 15.1
Distance : 4.2 light years
Luminosity x Sun : 0.00006
Frontier Coordinates : 0,0

The only reason to take notice of Proxima Centauri is that it is currently the closest star to Earth, after the Sun. Proxima is part of a triple system incorporating Alpha Centauri A and B. As the system rotates about its centre of gravity, each star comes closer to Earth. Currently Proxima is in this position and has this honour for around 500,000 years.

In Frontier, the triple star system of Alpha, Beta and Proxima Centauri is accurately represented, with a research station located close to Proxima. This has the dubious honour of being the furthest outpost in any system in the game, at around 950 AU.

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