Name : Rigel
Designation : Beta Orionis
Constellation : Orion
Apparent Magnitude : 0.1

Absolute Magnitude : -7.1
Distance : 773 light years
Luminosity x Sun : 60,000
Frontier Coordinates : 92,6

Rigel is a true cosmic powerhouse, outshining many closer stars despite its distance of over 700 light years. Although it is listed as Beta Orionis, it is noticeably brighter than Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis) and has a steely blue/white colour as opposed to Betelgeuse's reddish shade. The name Rigel is derived from the Arabic for "Left leg of the Giant". This is part of the legends that depict Orion as a great hunter - the three stars in the centre of the constellation make up his belt and the Great Nebula M42 his sword. One legend tells of how although Orion was believed to be the greatest hunter of all, he was killed by a scorpion's sting and on assuming his place in the heavens was placed opposite Scorpius to keep the two apart.

In Frontier, apart from being a relatively uncommon blue supergiant star, Rigel is unremarkable and does not support life.

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