UV Ceti

Name : UV Ceti
Constellation : Cetus
Apparent Magnitude : 12.5
Absolute Magnitude : 15.8

Distance : 8.7 light years
Luminosity x Sun : 0.00004
Frontier Coordinates : 0,0

UV Ceti is one half of a binary system of red dwarf stars, also designated Luyten 726-8 A and Luyten 726-8 B after their discoverer Willem Luyten, who identified them in 1949. UV Ceti is a flare star and can increase its output by between 5 and 75 times normal output in less than one minute. It then reverts to its normal state over several minutes. A medium sized telescope is required to see this star

In Frontier, UV Ceti is correctly portrayed as a binary system of two flare stars with a co-orbital preiod of 8.8 years. The system is also uninhabited.

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