Frontier Star Systems

Ever wondered just how many inhabited star systems there are in Frontier? Having trouble deciding where to go for a bit of exploration? Well, get your ship fuelled up and your sandwiches ready, because here at FrontierAstro we have the definitive list of populated star systems!

The first list, produced by Sven-Erik Lindkvist aka Schwempa, is a list of all the systems which have at least one starport. There are some anomalies; a few systems are listed as having no population but have a planet and starport! They are denoted by ??? in the list.

The second has been produced by Theunis de Jong and is an indexed list of every system which has a population of some kind. Many of these will not have any starports; in fact, a lot of them have no planets at all, often just two stars orbiting each other. This is the definitive list of over 3800 stars!
If your browser doesn't display this list correctly, a zip file containing the list is also available

The third has been compiled by Commander Steve from the program file and is a list of all 117 systems that were hand-coded into the game, many of them from real-life astronomical data. Most of these are stars are visible in the night-time skies of Earth!

The last list was also compiled by Commander Steve and provides some examples of systems with outdoor living worlds which are more than 75ly from Sol

Systems With Starports

Systems With Populations
(Zip file of this list)

Hand-Coded Systems

Distant Frontier Outdoor Systems

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