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19th April 2001

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FrontierAstro is a website which combines astronomy with the computer games Elite and Frontier Elite 2/Frontier First Encounters.
The site is divided into three main sections, which are accessed from the menus on the main page...

Elite is the section which deals with the various versions of the game that have appeared since its original release in 1984. As well as information on the games, each page has information on how to run them on your PC, including details of any required emulators and downloads of the games themselves

Frontier is the largest section on the website, with huge amounts of information on Frontier Elite 2 and Frontier First Encounters. There are also downloads of the games and guides to getting them running on modern PCs

Astronomy is a section about many interesting aspects of this fascinating subject, including planets, nearby stars, bright stars and constellations. In many cases, the astronomical side of Frontier is combined with astronomy itself, hence the name of the website!

Credits :

Elite - David Braben & Ian Bell/Acornsoft
Elite Plus - Chris Sawyer/ Microprose
Archimedes Elite - Warren Burch & Clive Gringras/Hybrid Technology
Frontier Elite 2 - David Braben/Frontier Developments
Frontier First Encounters - David Braben/Frontier Developments
Star Maps and Astronomy Highlights - StarryNight.com and Stellarium
Hubble Gallery - Hubblesite.org
Alternative FFE backgrounds in Mission Guides - Dan Lind
Definitive Frontier Systems List - Theunis de Jong at JongWare
Hexed editing program - Martin Nohr at NohrPhoto
glFrontier - Tom Morton

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