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Page last checked and updated 1st July 2024

Elite/Frontier Elite 2/Frontier First Encounters websites

Dylan Smith's site is full of useful information about the Alliance systems in FFE

Deep Space Outpost

Zat Solo's fascinating look at Frontier and astronomy plus the biggest links section anywhere

Elite on the BBC Micro

Mark Moxon's fascinating in-depth look into how Ian Bell and David Braben coded the original Elite back in the early 1980s

Elite Purity Test

Take this great test and discover your Elite Purity

Elite Wiki

It's a Wiki and it's all about Elite, Frontier and Elite Dangerous

FFE Art Page

Possibly the only site you'll ever need for First Encounters, George Hooper's site has got everything

Frontier Developments

Frontier Developments official page, including info on all their games

Frontier Forums

Frontier Developments forum page, to discuss all their games including Elite and Frontier


Robin Sharrock's amazing site is the last word in all Frontier Elite 2 matters

Ian Bell's Elite Home Page

Informative and content-rich website from one of the co-authors of the original Elite

Jades' FFE Site

The long-running site with an incredible amount of info on FFE available


Theunis de Jong has written a great new FFE map program and offers tons of other interesting information besides

Life On The Frontier

Matt Dibb's famous Frontier site with lots to read and a huge downloads section


A great new version of Elite for the Mac as well as Linux and Windows PCs

Space Sim Central

This site covers all the space sims but has its own section and downloads for FFED3D here

Astronomy websites


All the best images from the Hubble Space Telescope

Webb Space Telescope

All the best images from the Webb Space Telescope

Starry Night

The makers of Starry Night astronomy software - used for some of the star charts on this site


An impressive open source planetarium for your computer which is well worth downloading

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