Pronouncing the Stars and Constellations

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One of the interesting things about astronomy is the huge amount of mythology and legends from ancient times, when the Greek, Arabic and Chinese civilisations began to study the stars in detail. Just about all the star names and constellation names are derived from these times and hence it can be difficult to know just how some of these names are meant to be pronounced, originating as they do from foreign languages, and in many cases from ancient versions of those languages.
So here is a complete list of all 88 official constellations, together with their (hopefully) correct pronunciations.

Andromeda An-DROM-eh-duh
Antlia ANT-lee-uh
Apus Ay-puss
Aquarius uh-KWAIR-ee-us
Aquila uh-KWIL-uh
Ara AR-uh
Aries AIR-eez
Auriga oh-RYE-gah

Boötes boh-OH-teez

Caelum SEE-lum
Camelopardalis ka-mel-oh-PAR-da-lis
Cancer CAN-ser
Canes Venatici KAY-neez veh-NAT-eh-see
Canis Major KAY-niss MAY-jer
Canis Minor KAY-niss MY-ner
Capricornus kap-rih-KOR-nuss
Carina ka-RYE-nah
Cassiopeia kass-ee-oh-PEE-uh
Centaurus sen-TOR-uss
Cepheus SEE-fee-uss
Cetus SEE-tus
Chamaeleon ke-MEE-lee-un
Circinus SUR-sin-uss
Columba koh-LUM-bah
Coma Berenices KOH-mah bear-eh-NEE-seez
Corona Australis kor-OH-nah os-trAY-liss
Corona Borealis kor-OH-nah bor-ee-AL-iss
Corvus KOR-vus
Crater KRAY-ter
Cygnus SIG-nuss

Delphinus del-FIE-nes
Dorado doh-RAH-doh
Draco DRAY-koh

Equuleus eh-KWOO-lee-us
Eridanus eh-RID-an-us

Fornax FOR-naks

Gemini JEM-in-eye

Hercules HUR-kyuh-leez
Horologium HOR-uh-LOW-jee-um
Hydra HY-drah
Hydrus HY-druss

Indus INN-duss

Lacerta lah-SUR-tah
Leo LEE-oh
Leo Minor LEE-oh MY-ner
Lepus LEE-puss
Libra LIE-brah
Lupus LOO-puss
Lyra LIE-rah

Mensa MEN-sah
Microscopium MY-kroh-SKOH-pee-um
Monoceros moh-NOSS-er-uss
Musca MUSS-kah

Norma NOR-mah

Octans OK-tanz
Ophiuchus OFF-ee-YOO-kuss
Orion oh-RYE-un

Pavo PAY-voh
Pegasus PEG-ah-suss
Perseus PURR-see-uss
Phoenix FEE-nix
Pictor PICK-ter
Pisces PIE-sees
Piscis Austrinus PIE-siss OSS-trih-nuss
Puppis PUP-iss
Pyxis PICK-siss

Reticulum reh-TICK-yuh-lum

Sagitta sa-JIT-ah
Sagittarius SAJ-eh-TARE-ee-uss
Scorpius SKOR-pee-uss
Sculptor SKULP-ter
Scutum SKOO-tem
Serpens SUR-penz
Sextans SEX-tanz

Taurus TOR-uss
Telescopium TEL-ah-SKOH-pee-um
Triangulum tri-ANG-yah-lum
Triangulum Australe tri-ANG-yah-lum OSS-tray-lee
Tucana too-KAY-nah

Ursa Major UR-sah MAY-jer
Ursa Minor UR-sah MY-ner

Vela VEE-lah
Virgo VUR-go
Volans VOH-lanz
Vulpecula vul-PECK-yoo-lah

BONUS! Here are the correct pronunciations for the twelve brightest stars in the night sky as seen from Earth.

Sirius SIH-ree-us
Canopus KANN-oh-puss
Alpha Centauri Al-fah sen-TAUR-eye
Arcturus ark-TOOR-uss
Vega VEE-gah
Rigel RYE-j'l
Capella kah-PELL-ah
Procyon PRO-see-un
Achernar AY-ker-nar
Betelgeuse bet-el-JOOZ
Hadar HAD-ar
Altair ol-TARE