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FrontierAstro Frontier Collection 2022

Top row:- Frontier Elite 2 - PC, Frontier Elite 2 - Commodore Amiga, Frontier Elite 2 - Atari ST, Portuguese Frontier Elite 2 - PC, Frontier Elite 2 - Amiga CD32, French Frontier Elite 2 - Amiga

Middle row:- German Frontier Elite 2 - PC, Quest For Knowledge Collection - PC CD, Advantage Point FE2 budget release - PC CD, Award Winners Collection - Commodore Amiga, Frontier First Encounters - UK version, Frontier First Encounters - Remastered UK version

Bottom row:- Frontier First Encounters - French version, Frontier First Encounters - German version, First Encounters - Italian version, Frontier First Encounters - US version, Budget Frontier First Encounters - CD

Frontier: Elite 2 - Adverts

This is a scan of a two-page advert for Frontier Elite 2, which appeared in the April 1994 edition of Amiga Format magazine. Although this was some six months after the game's actual release, it allowed the ad to include the high review scores which FE2 generally attracted

This is a scan of a full-page advert in the November 1993 edition of PC Format magazine. As with all the other adverts for the game, it included the quote from CU Amiga magazine and the rating of 97% which that publication gave the game. In addition it included a quote from the 1985 review of the original Elite from Personal Computer World magazine.

Frontier: First Encounters - Advert

These are scans of both sides of an advertising sheet for the US version of First Encounters, prior to its release in 1995

Frontier - Boxed Games

Frontier Elite 2 versions (clockwise from top left)
IBM PC, Commodore Amiga, Amiga CD32, IBM PC German, IBM PC Portuguese, Atari ST

First Encounters versions (clockwise from top left)
FFE UK version, FFE French version, FFE Italian version, FFE US version, FFE German version

Frontier - Various Languages

For years I believed that Frontier First Encounters was only released in three languages - English, French & German. Until, that is, I came across an Italian version of the game, with the printed material also produced in that language.
Click the picture for a much bigger version...

There were several variations on the English language release of FFE. Click on the picture above left to see the back of the box for the French version, above right for the German version and below left for the Italian version

Frontier Elite 2 was released in several languages but the game itself sometimes didn't get translated. An example of this is the Portuguese version, with written material in that language but the game still in English. Feast your eyes on the pictures or click here for an abbreviated manual

Frontier Elite 2 Magazine Reviews

Click on each of the images below to read the complete 6-page review of Frontier Elite 2 in the November 1993 edition of The One Amiga magazine
The overall rating was a healthy 96%, with the lowest score being reserved for the sound, which also occurred in other reviews of the game.

Click on each of the images below to read the complete 6-page review of Frontier Elite 2 in the November 1993 edition of CU Amiga magazine
The overall rating was an impressive 97% and the review was written sufficiently quickly for the final line to be included on the front of the retail box.

The November 1993 edition of CU Amiga magazine featured a coverdisk which included a rolling demo of Frontier Elite 2. This was exactly the same as the opening sequence of the full game, but did not respond to any keyboard or controller input from the user.

Frontier First Encounters - Amiga Preview

The March 1995 edition of CU Amiga magazine featured a two-page preview of Frontier First Encounters for the Commodore machine. Curiously, only PC screenshots were included in the article, suggesting Amiga development was some way behind. Ultimately, pressure from publishers Gametek forced Frontier Developments to release the PC version before it was ready, around Easter 1995. This led to well-documented legal proceedings and in the middle of all this, the Amiga release was sadly shelved. The official reason given was the difficulty in getting the game to run at an acceptable speed on the majority of Amiga computers.

Frontier Artwork

To my knowledge there are few examples of the Frontier box artwork without the Gametek/Konami logos and CU Amiga quote included, as well as the 'David Braben Presents' at the top. The image to the left, which opens a larger version when clicked on, shows the basic artwork unadorned

Secrets of Frontier Elite book

Secrets of Frontier Elite by Tony Dillon was published in 1994 by Bruce Smith books. The book was slightly expensive for the time, retailing at £9.95 but ran to over 100 pages of excellent coverage of the game. Included were tips for getting rich quickly, improving your Elite rating and reviews of every ship and item of equipment available. Every aspect of the game was covered in unprecedented detail. The only flaw in the book was a reference to a secret ship called the Mirage, which the book stated could be obtained by travelling to the edge of the galaxy and satisfying a number of requisits regarding Elite rating and Imperial rank. In fact, as the name suggests, the Mirage did not exist and was merely a hoax which emerged soon after the game's release

Frontier Elite II Bestseller Games Magazine

In the mid-1990s a series of monthly Bestseller Games magazines were printed in Germany, each featuring the full version of a fairly recent commercially-released PC game on the coverdisk. There were also Bestseller Games Collection editions, containing more up-to-date games. The 10th in this series was dedicated to Frontier Elite 2 and for the price of DM 19,80 offered the full game on CD plus a 14-page guide to the game. Unfortunately there were also 32 pages of adverts but even these give a fascinating look into the computer hardware and software market over 25 years ago.

Frontier Elite II t-shirt

When Frontier: Elite II was released in 1993 there was a card included within the pack which offered the player the opportunity to purchase a Frontier t-shirt. The card is pictured left and shows that the shirt was available in one size only - Extra Large - for the sum of 9.99

This is the t-shirt itself, showing the familiar Frontier logo on the black cotton material. It is a good quality garment.

Frontier Elite II mug

This may seem unimportant at first, but a Commander needs to be alert at all times when in space. What better way to achieve this than by sipping coffee from a genuine Frontier Elite mug?

Frontier pint glasses

Once safely landed at a port, it is always a good idea to unwind and ease the stresses associated with space travel. These pint glasses promote a brand of lager rather than the Frontier Elite Universe but can, of course, be used to contain the cold beverage of your choice.

Remember, drinking alcohol whilst flying your spaceship is a capital offence in the Empire!

Frontier First Encounters Animations

These two animated adverts have been taken from Frontier First Encounters