Assassinations at Surface Starports

This is an example of a military mission offered by the Federal Navy at Sol. The mission is due to take place at the Manchester Starport in the Facece system - close to the heart of the Empire! This means the mission is high risk and the fact that your victim is flying an Imperial Trader means the attack will be dangerous and only the best combateer will win.
Other information to note is that the registration of the enemy ship is JL630 - this will help avoid shooting the wrong person - and that the precise date and time is given.
Also upon completing the mission, you must return to Sol to collect your bounty and receive credit for the kill.

A quick look at the chart for the system in question - Facece - will show you that Manchester is located on New America - the outermost rocky planet from the parent star. Your mission will take place at an outdoor starport on the planet's surface. This will make it more picturesque perhaps, but also means the Police will be close at hand. When they notice you're up to no good, you'd better be ready to meet laser with laser !
The next thing do is set off for Facece - you should aim to arrive a couple of days before the assassination is due to take place. Arrive too soon and you'll arouse suspicion and your victim may escape via another route, too late and you may not get permission to land.

So here we are at Manchester Starport the day before the mission. And there's our quarry sitting innocently on pad 4. This is good news - sometimes you'll get duff information and your foe won't be there, in which case you'll have to hang around and hope they show up.
Switch on identification to confirm the ship registration and also ID the ship type if you want.
Then just sit tight - do some shopping perhaps - and come back on the day of the mission.

Wait until two minutes before the precise time indicated then request permission to launch. Head straight upwards with your speed set to 2000 km/h until you're about 5000m above the planet. Then reduce your set speed to zero and flip your ship over so you're facing back towards the starport. At this distance you shouldn't get told to clear the area by the port authorities but you're still close enough to get to your target in time. You may need to apply some reverse thrust to maintain a speed close to zero relative to the planet itself.

When the exact mission time is reached you'll see your enemy's ship start to move. Activate your autopilot and your ship will home in on them. Open up with your lasers and....

...blow them away !!!
Then pay the inevitable fine, activate your hyperdrive and get back to Sol.

No great fanfare when you get there, unfortunately. Just a quick message thanking you for your efforts, and of course those all-important ranking points to help you up the military ladder.

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