Reconnaissance & Bombing Missions

These missions are an important part of Frontier and you'll start to be offered these by the military as you rise higher up the rankings. Only the military offer you these, as the equipment you're given to complete these missions is specialised military hardware, including reconnaissance cameras and nuclear missiles!!
These missions do not have to be done at a precise time - you just have to make sure you complete your task and get back to base before a particular date.
Follow the guide here at FrontierAstro and you'll be racking up the credits in no time!

Reconnaissance Missions

Bombing Missions

Classified Missions

Assassination Missions

Assassinations are an integral part of Frontier but require practice and skill to perform successfully. The missions themselves are offered on the bulletin board, either by anonymous individuals or by the Military. Both are performed in the same way, the different tactics required are based on where the killing must take place and there are basically three types.

Outdoor Starports

Underground Starports

Orbital Starports
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