Assassinations At Orbital Starports

This is an example of an assassination offered on the bulletin board at J.F. Kennedy Starport in the Eta Cassiopeia system. It has been placed by the Federal Military who wish to see a particular company official killed. When you have accepted the mission you will see a screen similar to this one, detailing where and when the kill must take place, and also the details of the target's ship, to help you identify them.
The military have obviously been watching this official closely and has probably obtained from the central computers the time that he or she is booked to depart Peters Base. This information is what enables you to carry out the contract.

When you check your ship's database you will find that Facece is a very important Imperial system some 53 light-years from Eta Cassiopeia. There are several habitable planets in the system and settlers have also built starports underground on the innermost rocky planets and also in orbit around those planets. Peters Base is in orbit around the eighth planet, Topaz, and this is where you will find your target. You should aim to arrive at Peters Base approximately one week before the mission date - later will do but no earlier if you want to avoid arousing suspicion. As the contract date will usually be set some time away you may want to get on with other things before returning to this mission. Check the jump range of your ship and get to Peters Base around a week before the mission date.

Right on time, here we are approaching Peters Base, which turns out to be one of the tube-type space stations. These are fairly big as space stations go and that's good news. You've got a week of hanging around to do and that isn't much fun at one of the old orbital trading posts, I can tell you. But here there is so much to do you have got to be careful you don't enjoy yourself too much and miss your mission date.
Get back to your cockpit on the appointed day and prepare the ship for a jump back to Eta Cassiopeia.

Wait until two minutes before your mission time and then request clearance to launch. Point your ship straight away from the station and set your speed to around 2000 kmh. When you reach an distance of 10km from the station reduce your set speed to zero and flip your ship over so you're facing back towards the starport. Don't worry, you're far enough away from the station to avoid hassle from the port authorities.

Switch on the object labels on your viewscreen and when the mission time arrives you'll see an object appear with an ID which matches your target ship. Lock on to them with the autopilot, use your ship ID system to confirm you've got the right ship and go after them......

With a bit of luck you'll soon blow them to smithereens. That's it, you've done the mission. Pay your fine, set your hyperdrive to the Eta Cassiopeia system and head back to receive your money and congratulations.

Your mission screen will hopefully show the word "DONE" on the right-hand side showing that you successfully destroyed the enemy ship with the company official on board. A few seconds after you dock this screen will be cleared and you will receive a brief congratulatory message from your anonymous contact, and you will receive payment for a job well done !!

FFE backgrounds by Dan Lind