Assassinations at Underground Starports

This is an example of an assassination offered on the military bulletin board at Mars High in the Sol system. It has been placed by the Federation who wish to see an un-named spying company official killed. When you have accepted the mission you will see a screen similar to this one, detailing where and when the kill must take place, and also the details of the target's ship, to help you identify them.
The Federal Military have obviously been watching their target closely and have probably obtained the time that they are booked to depart Newtown in Exiool from the central computers. This information is what enables you to carry out the contract.

Accessing your ship's star system database will reveal that Exiool has no habitable planets orbiting it. Instead underground colonies have been established on the three innermost planets - including Oliverworld. There are also three orbiting stations in the system above each of these planets.
What this all means is that when you dock at Newtown your ship will be taken underground rather than resting on the planet's surface. This is not really a problem - as long as you follow the advice below.

Aim to arrive at Newtown up to four days before you're due to carry out the contract. You can arrive earlier but that just means a boring wait until the contract day.
In this case we've arrived two days before mission time, so take the opportunity to refuel your ship, maybe get some repairs done and have a look around the base. But make sure you're back in your cockpit in time for the assassination...

Wait until two minutes before your mission time and then request clearance to launch. Point your ship straight up and set your speed to around 2000 km/h. When you reach an altitude of 5,000m reduce your set speed to zero and flip your ship over so you're facing back towards the starport. Don't worry, you're far enough above the base to avoid hassle from the port authorities.

Switch on the object labels on your viewscreen and when the mission time arrives you'll see a ship emerge from the starport with an ID which matches your target ship. Lock on to them with the autopilot, use your ship ID system to confirm you've got the right ship and go after them......

With a bit of luck you'll soon blow them to dust. That's it, you've done the mission. Access your communications system, pay the 600 Cr fine, set your hyperdrive to the Sol system and head back to receive your payment and congratulations.

Here's confirmation that you've completed your mission and when you return to Sol you will find that your bank balance has improved, maybe your combat rating as well, and you'll get more offers of this type of work plus other more exciting missions in the future!

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