Bombing Missions

When you are of a sufficiently high rank in either of the militaries you will be offered missions such as these on the bulletin board. One of the first things you notice is how the payment has increased to a much more satisfying level : Cr25,000 in this case.
You have been asked to destroy the military installation in the Zeandcan system and you're given a generous month in which to do it.
Ask a few questions before you accept the mission such as "How do I destroy something so large?" which will reveal that your ship will be fitted with a nuclear missile. The Empire obviously means business on this one !!

Once you've accepted, you'll get a mission screen like this one. Make a note of the details of your Imperial Military mission.
The military installation is located on the surface of Zeandcan 10, one of the outermost planets in that system. The only other thing to remember is when you have completed the mission, return to Facece to receive the congratulations of the Empire.

Having jumped to Zeandcan, activate your system database, locate Zeandcan 10 and set your autopilot. Zooming right in shows that the planet in question is a barren airless world, so at least when you let the nuke go you won't be wiping out too many people. If that sort of thing is important to you...
Be prepared to meet a fair number of enemy craft on your way to 10 - whoever has set up the military installation here is more than willing to defend it.

And here we are, some 1200km from the planet. With your target identities switched on you'll see something on the surface labelled *rontier. That's where the military installation is so set your autopilot to it and make your way towards it.
When you're less than 1000km from the target, disengage the autopilot and your ship will automatically level out above the planet's surface. Now keep your altitude below 3000m if you can and make a low fast swoop towards the target.

This is the final approach to the target. To avoid clutter I've switched ship id off but make no mistake, there are LOTS of enemy ships around now so keep your finger on the laser trigger and trust that your shields will hold.
One very important thing to do is to set your battle target to the military installation, so your nuke knows where to go. You only have one of these missiles, so you've got to get it right first time.
Wait until you're about 15km from the target and then FIRE

When the missile explodes, it will cause the kind of devastation you'd expect from a nuclear warhead. Where there was once a bustling military installation there is now just a giant crater. Quite a sobering sight but there's no time to reflect just yet, a lot of those enemy ships will still be on your tail so set your jump target to Facece if you haven't already done so, point your tail at the planet and leave the area as quickly as possible.

Your mission screen will be much the same as before but with the crucial word "DONE" on the right hand side. Dock at the nearest port and prepare to receive the thanks of the military, maybe a medal, a nice chunk of cash and the knowledge that promotion to the next rank just got that bit closer. Right On Commander !!

FFE backgrounds by Dan Lind