Reconnaissance Missions

Here's the screen you're presented with when you express an interest in a reconnaissance mission for either the Federal or Imperial Military. This one is in the Sol system, at the heart of the Federation so it's little wonder the Empire are offering you Cr11000 to do it.
This military installation is likely to be heavily guarded with squadrons of Federal fighters ready to intercept and engage any enemy craft entering their restricted military space.
Only the best pilots in the most up-to-date well-equipped ships will be able to successfully complete this mission - hopefully that's you !

Upon accepting the mission you'll get a screen like this one. The mission will take place at Mercury in the Sol system and must be completed by the 30th September. When completed, you must return to Facece to receive your money and thanks from the military.

Your ship's database will show that Mercury is a barren planetoid with no starports. This is not a problem but what it does show is that you will not be travelling to some remote outer planet for this mission - Federal troops will be close at hand and your mission will be a tricky one, to put it mildly.
Anyway, launch your ship and jump to Sol. On arrival set your autopilot to Mercury, NOT one of the starports as you want to arrive as quietly as possible, complete your mission and jump out again.

In orbit around Mercury, your target id will show something called *rontier. This is your target so set your autopilot to this and make your way there as quickly as possible.
As you make your descent towards the target, you will be engaged by Federal ships - lots of them. This is where you'll find out how good your ship is and how good you are as you attack the ships, activate missiles, ECM etc while all the time moving steadily towards the target. Not easy...

...but here we are getting very close to the installation. Set your battle target to the base and start clicking on the camera icon. Remember, they have a lot of film so take as many shots as you can as you swoop in, while still fending off enemy ships. This is where a Frontier pilot really earns his money.

This really is incredibly close to the base and your ship will be in extreme danger here as enemy forces launch more and more fighters to attack you. However there is a very good reason for getting in this close - if you manage to take pictures from less than 10km away you will receive extra ranking points and gratitude from the military when you return home. They will rate your mission as excellent rather than Ok and while you won't be paid any extra, you will get more points as you strive towards the next rank up.
So if you think you're up to it fly right up to the base and show everyone what you can do.

Once you've taken sufficient film, your mission status will change to "DONE". That's the time to leave the planet, set your hyperdrive for Facece and get back home to receive your richly deserved praises. And money..

FFE backgrounds by Dan Lind