Frontier 3200 - 3250

In the 50 years or so between the times of Frontier Elite 2 and Frontier First Encounters, there have been many changes in the galaxy. The Alliance was formed in 3230, the Thargoids returned to human space and inevitably there have been technological advances. Here is a look at how things have changed.

Orbital Starports

In a few systems, the orbital trading post originally in place in 3200 has been replaced by a more capable version 50 years later. Although still classified as an OTP, this new version has at least double the capacity of the original model

Occasionally, an orbital station may be completely replaced by a different model, as has happened here at Peters Base in the Facece system. This may happen because of a highly damaging attack by hostile forces or an urgent need to improve on the old facility

Even the orbital cities are not immune to the pace of change which is often evident in many parts of the galaxy. Here, the old-style city of Gilmour Orbiter in Tau Ceti has been revamped and upgraded to provide the latest and best facilities for the demanding clientel of this bustling system

Some orbital posts and stations have become more adventurous in design, as shown on the left. On the right is an example of a two-section orbital city that can be upgraded to three or four sections as required

Surface Starports
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