Frontier 3200 - 3250

In the 50 years or so between the times of Frontier Elite 2 and Frontier First Encounters, there have been many changes in the galaxy. The Alliance was formed in 3230, the Thargoids returned to human space and inevitably there have been technological advances. Here is a look at how things have changed.


By the year 3250, a number of new ships could be seen in space. Some, such as the Saker MK III, were designed and produced by the Alliance's New Rossyth Shipyards whilst others came out of small independent shipyards throughout the core systems.

The aim of all these ships has been to improve on previous models, with each type of ship optimised to exceed the capabilities of its predecessors. This has been successful in some cases, for example the Harris which has similar cargo-carrying capabilities to the Moray Starboat but much better performance. Likewise the Wyvern is a far superior ship to the model it is intended to replace - the Transporter. Others, such as the Skeet and the Griffin seem to have few noticeable improvements over their rivals, the Python and the Panther Clipper respectively.

One important new arrival is the Viper Mk II, the long-awaited replacement for the ageing Mk1. The significance of this is that the Viper is the ship used by more police forces throughout the galaxy than any other. As the ships used by pirates and bounty hunters improved over the years, the Viper was in danger of being left behind, with all the consequences that held for law and order. Now with the MkII, the status quo has been restored, and the law enforcement authorities can go about their business with the confidence that comes with flying the best single-seat fighter yet designed

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