Frontier 3200 - 3250

In the 50 years or so between the times of Frontier Elite 2 and Frontier First Encounters, there have been many changes in the galaxy. The Alliance was formed in 3230, the Thargoids returned to human space and inevitably there have been technological advances. Here is a look at how things have changed.


The Alliance of Independent Systems was formed in 3230 when the people of Alioth joined together in a mass uprising against the Imperial and Federal forces which had fought over the system for years. Alioth became the capital of the Alliance and the nearby system of Oltiqu joined immediately, renaming itself Gateway in the process. A further 25 systems have since joined and several more have applied - impressed by the high standards of living enjoyed by the citizens of the AIS, as well as the security afforded by belonging to an organisation with sufficient military might to resist any attacks by the Federation or the Empire

The Alliance has quickly established a highly-regarded military presence, plus excellent ship design and building facilities at New Rossyth in Alioth. Today numerous types of craft produced there can be seen throughout space, including the Griffin Carrier and the Mantis Transport.
Elsewhere, the Federation and Empire continue in their long-standing cold war of espionage, distrust and the occasional small-scale military skirmish. Relations have thawed somewhat in recent years, as each superpower takes stock of the new political reality of the AIS, but the two organisations' ideals and outlooks are so opposed that the current situation is likely to persist for several generations to come

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