Frontier 3200 - 3250

In the 50 years or so between the times of Frontier Elite 2 and Frontier First Encounters, there have been many changes in the galaxy. The Alliance was formed in 3230, the Thargoids returned to human space and inevitably there have been technological advances. Here is a look at how things have changed.

Surface Starports

The number of landing pads at a spaceport is an indication of the level of trade and population on that planet. Two-pad starports are especially common on outdoor ice worlds with low levels of trade. There is little discernable difference in the layouts in the two pictures, indicating that the revenue generated from the trade here is insufficient to allow redevelopment

Four-pad starports have also shown little change over the 50 years or so, showing that here too the original set-up is adequate to deal with the amounts of trade these places enjoy

The main difference between large starports in FE2 and FFE is in the amount of development which has taken place around the port itself. Due to the high levels of trade here, the economy is strong enough to attract people and businesses, hence the expansion of the surrounding cities

By 3250, some towns and cities had introduced variations on the two-pad design to suit their needs. The style chosen often depended on the location of the starport, with ports in the Alliance particularly favouring the half-moon design shown on the right

Orbital Starports
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